Imagination is best enabled by non-standard methods and procedures. 


An innovative Public-Private Partnership would find a way to incentivize startups to invest, and deploy ITS with a large revenue upside.  This would attach capital to the Smart City Space and allow for much more rapid deployment.


the SCSC is already working with winning cities and other cities


If your city is working on its next phase bid, or pursuing advanced technology on its own, the SCSC is here to help. Your city can successfully deploy Smart City technology.


Smart City Startup Consortium Members


Analyzes data from existing infrastructures via their proprietary software to produce real-time, actionable information for transportation officials and commuters.

The Benefits: Improved signal timing, navigation accuracy, commuter safety, and real estate planning. 

The Effect:  Improved traffic flow, reduced emissions, and lives saved. 


An enterprise carpooling and car-sharing platform that connects employees, students and citizens within a closed network to share their commute.

The Benefits: Saving time and money with a sustainable commute solution 

The Effect: Reduced traffic congestion and reduced emissions.


Delivers real-time 3D mapping of pedestrians and vehicles day and night, rain or shine via their LiDAR sensors.

The Benefits: Accurately classifying and counting pedestrians and vehicles at congested intersections and other areas of interest.

The Effect: Enables broad deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving systems.


A race car manufacturer that’s combining its efficient vehicle architecture with a revolutionary electric motor to develop a line of electric connected cars and electric delivery vehicles like none other on the market.

The Benefits: Reduced operational expenses via extremely low fuel consumption.

The Effect: reduced emissions.


Roadie is the first on-the-way delivery network that puts unused capacity in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people who have stuff to send with drivers already heading in the right direction.

The Benefits: Roadie's model enables efficient, low-cost delivery for senders and rewards drivers on trips they're already taking.

The Effect: More flexible, greener shipping option that doesn't add more vehicles on the road or increase emissions to the environment.